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30 November 2020

Pepper The Fox

How do lockdown, terror attack and gratitude go together?

Pepper is philosophising a bit!

November was a challenging month here in Vienna: first the terror attack on the 2nd of November in the heart of Vienna where fear and uncertainty moved through the city in shockwaves and slowly covered the city in a black coat of ungraspability. And only 15 days later, on November 17th, the federal government imposed a hard lockdown for the whole country.

The steady fog throughout these days and the bleak prospects drove me straight away deep into my fox-burrow.  But then Renate lured me out very quickly.

Despite the restrictions for trade and service companies and the dark hours for many entrepreneurs, we have built a safe haven of positive energy through cohesion, humor and joy in our work here at RANDOS.... and most importantly: GRATITUDE, because especially in challenging times we can be deeply grateful for the good cooperation with our partners who continue to provide us with relocation assignments. The entire RANDOS team is still working at full capacity and no short-time work had to be announced. We are grateful that despite lockdowns, the magistrates and offices are also open and that the already agreed dates for EU registrations and other registration processes can be carried out as planned.

Gratitude and resilience in challenging situations are one of our strengths at RANDOS and enable us, even in times of change, to offer constant and reliable services in the usual high quality.

Stay safe and not faded …
Don’t worry … be relocAIDed

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How do lockdown, terror attack and gratitude go together?